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How to Enroll?

1. Thank you for your interest in our center! We invite you to personally tour our center and meet our staff. Book a tour right now.   

2. If you decide to enroll your child, please email us to get the enrollment forms filled out and signed. 

3. Pay for the registration fee ($100) and deposit ($500)

4. Register an account with Catering Solution if you ever need lunch catering.

5. Download Tadpoles Parent App on your cell phones or tablets to get instant updates of your child

6. Check the first day list to get all the supplies needed. You're Good to Go!


Below are some frequently asked questions we hope you find helpful. Please feel free to reach for further clarification at any time.  


Will lunch be provided? Is it included in tuition price?

Lunch is not included in the tuition and we do not cook on our premise. But we are in cooperation with Catering Solutions to deliver ordered lunches to the center on a daily basis. Please check the Food and Drink page.   

Do you close during summer months (June, July, and August)?

No. We're a year-round child care center. 

When is the tuition due? What type of payment is accepted.

The tuition is paid monthly on the first day of the month the child attends school.  Tuition may be paid for by check, check or money order.  We do not accept credit cards.  

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is an annual registration fee of $100 per child or $150 per family.

Will there be any vacation credit?

After 6 months of full time enrollment, each year, there will be two week of vacation credit for each family for two weeks the children are not in attendance.  Parents must give 15 day notice to apply the credit.  This credit ONLY applies to families with children enrolled year-round.  

Do you allow summer off?

Yes. The spot can be kept if a student needs to take off during summer (July and August) as long as 60 day notice is given.  Deposits are withheld in order to hold the spot for the return to care in September.  

Do you require deposit? How much?

We require $500 deposit at the beginning of enrollment. The deposit will be applied to the last month of the child's attendance.  Change in enrollment requires a 30 day notice.  

Do you offer sibling discount?

Yes, we do. Please call to get details. 

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