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Health and Sanitation Policy


The health of children is always at the heart of our center. We strictly follow NJ state Child Care Center Health and Sanitization Policies on toy cleaning, food preparation, cleaning material usage and storage, and etc. In addition 

  • We have a sink, hand soap, towel dispenser, and sanitizer in each of our classrooms to facilitate the handwashing policies and other cleaning policies. 

  • We have openable window and a commercial level air purifier (Oransi Mod Jr. HEPA Air Purifier) equipped in every classroom. This model removes 99.6% airborne particles of as small as 0.1 microns for a 878sqft room two times per hour.

  • We hire a Professional cleaning company, Solis Cleaning Services LLC. Everyday after the center is close, a thorough cleaning is performed. They also washing clean all our carpets and deep clean the center periodically and as required.

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