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Mandarin and Spanish Immersion Environment

Research has shown that bilingual and multilingual children tend to have enhanced cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving skills, creativity, and better memory retention. Exposure to multiple languages at a young age can lead to long-term cognitive benefits. At Livingston Academy, we are proud to offer a dynamic and inclusive language immersion program that enriches the educational experience of our young learners, providing them with a strong foundation for success in a multilingual and multicultural world.

Our language immersion program is designed to be both enjoyable and effective. Children are exposed to languages through storytelling, songs, games, and activities that make learning a fun and interactive experience. We have experienced and skilled educators who are proficient in the languages taught, ensuring that children receive high-quality language instruction. Moreover the children will get the opportunity to appreciate different culture with the beauty of the language. 


Toddlers (1.5yr to 3yr)


Take the golden opportunity of language development. We provide an immersion environment and blend the language study into daily activities. The teachers will greet the kids in Mandarin and Spanish upon coming; at choice time, while the kids explore the classroom freely, the teacher will narrate what action he/she is doing, what toy he/she is playing with, what color the toy is; at meal time, the teacher will talk to the kids of what he/she is having today, what flavor of the food, what silvers are used. The most effective way of language studying is tie what you see with the words. Over time, the kids will understand, repeat and eventually speak the language. The kids will learn all the concepts as other toddlers (colors, weather, shape, emotions, etc.), but in multiple languages.

Our goals at this stage

  • Children can understand and follow instructions in different languages

  • Be able to speak simple words in different languages and do simple interaction

  • Introduce the concept of mandarin characters to children

  • Begin to build the link between spoken and characters

Preschoolers (3yr+)


Our commitment to language immersion extends beyond mere exposure; we aim to deeply embed the memory and understanding of Mandarin and Spanish in our young learners. We have structured systematic Mandarin and Spanish lessons twice a week for our preschoolers. During these sessions, children will receive dedicated time for reading and writing practice. Our mandarin lessons will focus on helping children correlate pronunciation with characters, forming the foundational understanding of how these characters come together to create words—an essential aspect of Mandarin learning.

Our goals at this stage include

  • Speak longer sentence in Mandarin and Spanish

  • Encourage independent reading in the languages

  • Learn the mostly-used Mandarin characters through shared reading

  • Introduce the phonics of Mandarin (PinYin)

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