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What the kids eat and drink at the center

Kid Eating Meal


We offer snacks twice a day to the kids, morning snack at ~10am and afternoon snacks at ~2:30pm. We shop the snacks selectively to find the best nutrition, quality and variety for the kids. The snacks include milk, fruit, yogurt, juice, crackers, bars, etc


You can pack your kid's lunch to the center and we will help heat and set up it for the kids. Or you can order lunch online for your child only on the dates you need with Catering Solutions. Catering solution is specialized in preparing hot meals for child care centers and schools. Here's their menu for April 2022. Please follow the instructions in the welcome letter to register an account. 


Nothing is more important than water we drink everyday. With the unstable local water quality in NJ, we only provide branded purified water to our kids. You can bring your water bottle for your kids to school and we will fill it up! Our water jugs are delivered by ReadyRefresh periodically and they will recycle the empty jugs as well. 

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